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To be able to purchase products, please create an account on our website (link to register an account)


Please select the "In stock" products to put in the cart, then fill in the information to order and select "Order"


We ship Vietnam Post and have tracking number (www.VnPost.vn). Shipping cost will take us deliver to you before you pay


After the deal is completed and the total value of the order, we will provide paypal account for you to pay, you will have two options to pay:

  • If you choose the payment method "Send money to friends and family": Product price + Shipping cost
  • If you choose the payment method "Pay for good or services": Product price + Transportation cost + 5% of the total cost of the order (because the price on the website for Vietnamese people)
Contact us:
  • Fan Page Facebook: Fan Sport Shop (click here)
  • Personal Facebook: Nhất Vũ (click here)
  • Email: fansport.vn@gmail.com


  • Football player jersey (link)
  • Football player goalkeeper jersey (link)
  • Training jersey (link)
  • Jacket jersey (link)
  • Other football shirt (link)
  • Football player figures (link)
  • Pennant (link)
  • Shoes (link)
  • Medal (link)
  • Badge/pin/coin (link)
  • Scarf (link)
  • Calendar (link)
  • Cap/hat (link)
  • Programme & ticket (link)
  • Ball (link)
  • Other souvenir (link)


We have filter elements that help you find shirts or figures easily according to your preferences. You move the mouse over the black area to see the caption in English